Vespucci Institutes 2014


The Vespucci Initiative will hold two one-week institutes again this summer. The first week (July 7 to 11) on VGI and Citizen Science will be held in Fiesole, just outside of Florence, Italy. The second week on Brain and Space (September 1 to 5) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.

I have attended a Vespucci Institute before and I can wholeheartedly recommend going. The application deadline for the first week has just been extended until May 15, and there are some travel grants available.

Building Precise Maps with Disser →

The folks at Conveyal have come up with Disser, a very useful command line tool written in Java that disaggregates numbers assigned to polygons based on more-fine grained geometries. The example they use in their blog post is disaggregating the number of people in a census tract using building geometries to get an estimate of the number of people living in a building. This can even be done based on combination of attributes of the buildings, such as the ration between total square footage and residential square footage (since people usually don’t live in offices or auto repair shops).


Via FlowingData.

Data Visualization, GIS, and Mapping Digital Fellow Opportunity at the CUNY Graduate Center →

CUNY Graduate Center by David Shankbone

For the Futures Initiative, the inaugural project (2014-2015) is “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education.” This position includes an ability to design a sustainable public, online, open, community sourced mind map, concept maps, excellent data visualization, GIS mapping, probably on the Commons in a Box platform. Knowledge of ArcGIS and its open source mapping cousin QGIS a plus. Other relevant skills would be ethnographic, journalistic, community organizing, and communication skills.

Excellent opportunity for graduate students.