Workshop on Geographic Information Observatories 2014 →

Over 20 years since Geographic Information Science was established as a bona fide scientific field of inquiry and with the subsequent explosion of spatial data sources from satellites to sensors and mobile devices, the geographic information universe is rapidly expanding. However, in many respects the nature and structure of this information universe is poorly understood. Traditionally, GIScience research has focused on the relationships between theoretical information models and the geographic phenomena that they are representing. In this workshop we would like to explore the idea of expanding GIScience research to empirically examine the structure of the geographic information universe itself, with the hope that a better understanding of this universe will ultimately give us new insights into how this information can be utilized. This includes both observational and experimental approaches to science. Can we develop a research road map for future observatories of the geographic information universe?

This should be an interesting workshop at GIScience 2014. Submission deadline is June 6.

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