Testing Visualizations of Uncertainty

In the next minutes, you will be shown different visualizations of uncertainty. That data you will see is a series of points that could be generated from a GPS, for example, overlaid on top of a simple street map. You will be asked to identify the most or least uncertain of those points based on their visualization, which will indicate uncertainty in different ways.

Please not that this test does not work on touchscreen devices such as smart phones or tablets. Please make sure that you are using a laptop or desktop computer if you would like to participate.

Try moving your mouse pointer on the map. It will turn into a circle. You will be asked to place this circle on the point that you believe is the most or least uncertain on the map, and then click.

Try to solve this task quickly, but do not rush it – we want you to consider the different points shown and then make a decision. There are no right or wrong answers – please select the point that you believe is most or least uncertain, based on the respective visualization. Participation should not take more than 10 minutes.

Contact: If you have any questions about this experiment, please contact Carsten Kessler.