Spatial searches in Apache Jena 2.11.0 →

I was hoping for an implementation of the OGC GeoSPARQL spec, but the Jena team came up with its own solution to implement spatial queries in Jena 2.11.0. It is currently limited to queries via nearby, withinCircle, withinBox, and intersectBox, plus queries based on cardinal directions. Still an important step in the right direction – I am just a bit worried that GeoSPARQL will eventually disappear because of a lack of adoption (which would in turn most likely be based on a lack of implementations).


One thought on “Spatial searches in Apache Jena 2.11.0

  1. I agree. It is hard to tell whether or not this was a conscious choice, or work was done without knowing about GeoSPARQL. Apache Jena support sure would help standardization and usage.

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