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The book is a joint effort of the LOD2 consortium, and consists of two parts. The first part, the technology, covers the advances in RDF data management, extraction, creation, enrichment, interlinking, data fusion, authoring, exploration and visualization, as well as Linked Data Stack. The second part of the book presents use cases in publishing, linked enterprise data, and open government data. The book gives an overview of a diverse number of research, technology, and application advances and refers the reader to further detailed technical information in the project deliverables and original publications. In that regard, the book is targeted at IT professionals, practitioners, and researchers aiming to gain an overview of some key aspects of the emerging field of Linked Data.

This should be an interesting read for everyone working with Linked Open Data, and I’m really happy to see that this is an Open Access book. The PDF is available free of charge from Springer.

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