One thought on “Finding the perfect house with open data

  1. Nice description of the process. Actually, I did something similar for choosing our new place to live, using mostly QGIS (output looks almost as stylish as with TileMill, but handling is better). I didn’t add crime data (because it was aggregated too much), instead using the last election results. Voting districts are small here, and results are available for all elections. Before someone complains about me wanting to live in a bubble of my own people: I wasn’t looking for good results of “my” political party, I was looking for high scores of one certain party which is directly opposite to my beliefs. I figured (based on subjective experience in living in a couple of larger cities) that high scores for this type of party usually correlate with many social problems (including crime and xenophobia), or a general style of (sub-)urban development I don’t like.

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