CAGIS 2014 Keynote

I’ll be giving a keynote at the First International Workshop on Context-Awareness in Geographic Information Services (CAGIS 2014) at GIScience in Vienna next month (on September 23rd, to be more specific). The title of the talk will be Research in the Age of the Context Machine; here’s the abstract:

One of the major challenges in the development of context-aware applications has always been the initial step of collecting enough information about a user’s context. With the increasing prevalence of smartphones equipped with a plethora of sensors, more and more users have a context machine on them that constantly collects, uses, and transmits different kinds of passively collected contextual information. Additionally, many users actively provide contextual information by participating in online social networks. This talk will shed some light on the implications of these developments for research on context awareness. Starting with a brief review of the history of research in context awareness, it will discuss the role of research conducted in industry in this field, upcoming research challenges, and implications for user privacy.

Looking forward to see everyone in Vienna in a few weeks!

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