5th Workshop on Linked Science 2014— Best Practices and the Road Ahead (LISC2015) →

Linked Science has been accepted as a full day workshop for the International Semantic Web Conference again. This will be our 5th LISC workshop, and the theme for this year is Best Practices and the Road Ahead:

Scientific dissemination traditionally relies heavily on scholarly articles and presentations at conferences. However in the past few years, we have seen an increasing trend towards the publication of raw research data to facilitate verification and reuse. ​Linked Science champions the process of publishing, sharing and interlinking scientific resources and data along with complete experiment context, which is critical for understanding, reusing and verifying scientific research. Semantic Web technologies provide a promising means for achieving this practice. ​In the past four Linked Science workshops, we have focused on investigating benefits of this approach.

However, there is a still huge knowledge gap in understanding how to support Linked Science, especially for non­technical users who are new to this domain. To overcome this critical barrier to the adoption of the Linked Science approach, our 2015 edition proposes a focus on ​“Best Practices and the Road Ahead”, ​aiming for practical solutions that help applying Linked Science principles and open research discussions with regards to supporting this new practice.

We are particularly interested in tools and workflows that could facilitate the practice of Linked Science, and investigations identifying challenges and gaps to be addressed, with a special focus on less technology­savvy users​.

The workshop will be held October 11 or 12 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The website is up and running, the official call for papers will be circulated soon. Mark your calendars for the submission deadline on July 1st.

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