SublimeText and LaTeXTools on El Capitan

I find myself using Atom for most of my text editing these days, but for LaTeX editing I still rely on SublimeText. This is mostly because of the excellent LaTeXTools plugin that makes LaTeX editing really convenient in Sublime. Unfortunately, updating OS X to El Capitan broke this setup. It took me a while to figure out how to fix this, so here’s the short story:

  1. Download and install MacTex 2015.
  2. In Sublime, go to Tools > Command Palette, look for LateXTools: Reconfigure and migrate settings, and hit enter to execute the command.

That’s it. This will update LaTeXTools with the new path of the LaTeX executables, which had to be moved around due to new restrictions on the /usr directory introduced in El Capitan. Just be aware that this will overwrite any customizations that you may have added to your LaTeXTools setup.

3 thoughts on “SublimeText and LaTeXTools on El Capitan

    1. I use cloud services for all kinds of stuff, but I’m somehow still hesitant to use them for my papers. Do you get to keep a local copy of your manuscript, or is it just online and I would have to download a copy manually as a backup?

    2. if you have the pro version you can sync everything with git. With the free version you can download the project as a zip file. So far the service has been very reliable, but of course they might lose something. What I love is the GUI, which is really usable.

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