Location Privacy Panel @ GI_Forum 2018

I’ll be heading down to Salzburg this week to moderate the closing session at GI_Forum 2018, which will be a panel discussion on location privacy. I’m looking forward to an interesting discussion with the panelists:

  • Francis Harvey, Leibnitz-Institut für Länderkunde, Germany
  • Jochen Höfferer, STADT:SALZBURG, Head of Marketing & Digitization
  • Dietmar Jahnel, Department of Public Law, University of Salzburg
  • Bernd Resch, Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS, University of Salzburg

Abstract: Paying with a credit card, swiping the monthly pass at the subway station, or recording workouts with a fitness tracker all contribute to a detailed picture of our movement patterns and associated activities. Moreover, most of us constantly carry a mobile phone, which produces an even more detailed and continuous personal-level location history. This panel will discuss the implications that these developments have on our location privacy. Is it worth giving up on privacy for the gained convenience? Is my current location – in public – a matter of privacy? Do we still even have a chance to escape this seemingly voluntary surveillance machine? And who may gain access to our location data? The panel will discuss these questions based on a series of short opening statements from the panelists, followed by a discussion bringing together the legal, technological, and ethical dimensions of location privacy.

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