GeoVoCamp Santa Barbara 2014 →

This just landed in my mailbox:

This event will be a follow-up of several GeoVoCamps, specialists meetings, and workshops that took place between 2010 and 2013 (see below) with the motivation to take the work on geospatial semantics to the next level. During the GeoVoCamp we will jointly work on a set of (geo-)ontology design patterns, vocabularies, micro-ontologies, best practice guides, examples, software, and services, that aim to foster semantic interoperability between different (Linked Data) sources without restricting semantic heterogeneity at the same time. As a GeoVoCamp this event is open to everybody interested in (geo)spatial semantics, geo-ontologies, linked spatiotemporal data, interoperability, the future of spatial data infrastructures, and so forth.

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